Training Schedule – Combined MAR, MAY, JUN Classes 2019

TRACK 1  |  SOAR  |  MAR 09, 2019(SAT)  |  Level I TRACK 1  |  SOAR  |  MAY 25, 2019  (SAT  |  Level II TRACK 1  |  SOAR  |  JUL xx 2019 (SAT)  |  Level III   TRACK 2  |  MIT  |  MAR 10, 2019(SUN)  |  Level I TRACK 2  |  MIT  | MAY 26, 2019  (SUN) |  Level …
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Training Schedule Concept – 2019 Classes

Training must be delivered in carefully timed and structured development efforts – as the student his/herself would normally resist that which they preconceived is impossible. “Impossibility” is a perspective in your sub-conscious based upon what is typically observed and otherwise experienced in the world around you growing up. Training is comprised of three focused tracks delivered …
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Training Schedule – MAR Classes 2019

TRACK 1   |  SOAR   |  MAR 09, 2019   (SAT)   |  LEVEL I TRACK 2  |  MIT  |  MAR 10, 2019   (SUN)  |  LEVEL I TRACK 3  |  COACHING  |  MAR 11, 2019   (MON)  |  LEVEL I Search Tags:  2018/12-01  /SOAR /Master Psychic  /MIT  /Level I.  /Coaching /Life Coach  /Tracks  /Schedule  /Transparent Awareness


Currently all SOAR, MIT and Coaching classes are being held in Burbank, CA. Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Located in: Bob Hope Airport Address: 2500 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505 Hotel Phone:  (818) 843-6000 /Location

Coaching Track Price through JUL 2019

$2,100 at door price Coaching Track includes the MON training classes of Life Coaching and Lucid Dreaming  You become a Certified Life Coach at the conclusion of that Lucid Dreaming class. As a Track, this is two classes. Advanced Pride $2000.   CURRENT SPECIAL through 2018, 20% discount off regular price.  VERY LIMITED TIME $2,100. …
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MIT Track 2018 Special Holiday Offer

MIT Track 2018 Special Holiday Offer CURRENT SPECIAL through 2018, 20% discount off regular price.  VERY LIMITED TIME – by 12/31/2018 $3,105. less $621. is a final Advanced/Early Bird/Special price of $2484.00  YOU MUST CALL NOW No other discounts will apply. Search Tags:  2018/10-03  /MIT  /Level I.  /Level II.  /Level III.  /Price  /Schedule

MIT Track Early Bird Discount

MIT Track Early Bird Discount Early Bird discounts are available but there are terms and conditions.  Consider ordering at least 60-days before your first class, in total. Please call now for the dates and particulars. $3,000 Advance price/Early Bird Search Tags:  2018/10-03  /MIT  /Level I.  /Level II.  /Level III.  /Price  /Schedule

SOAR Track Early Bird Discount

SOAR Track Early Bird Discount You save $100. for early bird purchasing.  Consider paying in full 60 days before your first class, in total.  There are terms and conditions for this Early Bird discount, so call now. Search Tags:  2018/10-02 /SOAR  /Psychic  /Medium  /Clairvoyant  /Price  /Schedule  /Transparent Awareness

SOAR Track 2018 Holiday Special Offer

CURRENT 2018 HOLIDAY SPECIAL through 2018, 20% discount off regular price.  VERY LIMITED TIME – by 12/31/2018 $2,700. less $540. is a final Advanced/Early Bird/Special price of $2160.00  YOU MUST CALL NOW No other discounts will apply. Search Tags:  2018/10-02 /SOAR  /Psychic  /Medium  /Clairvoyant  /Price  /Schedule

SOAR Track Pricing Inclusions

SOAR Track pricing includes… SOAR Track includes the full-day comprehensive SAT training classes of Psychism, Mediumship and Master Clairvoyance.  You become a Certified Master Clairvoyant at the conclusion of that third class. Search Tags:  2018/10-02 /SOAR  /Psychic  /Medium  /Clairvoyant  /Price  /Schedule

The Christian Toren Technique

If your mind is able to imagine the difference between your Reality, and what you think your reality should have been, then the key exists to unlock a fantastic world of transformation. The Christian Toren Method is new.  It is unique.  But, of importance is that it works.  And, we know just why it works. …
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Transform with Lucid Dreaming

Transformation:  The benefits are truly endless and have the potential to completely transform the way we experience both our waking life and dream life realities.  Staying committed to the practice of lucid dreaming can open up new avenues of thought and inspiration never before deemed possible. Search Tags:  2018/04-26  /Coaching  /Lucid Dreaming  /Transparent Awareness

Connect with others through Lucid Dreaming

Communicating with Others: It is possible for two individuals to astral travel and ‘meet up’ during their lucid dream. Also, a suggested gateway for communicating with your higher Self, spirit guides, angels, and loved ones who have passed away, or idols and heroes of society no longer with us – for guidance or support. Search Tags: …
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Astral Travel with Lucid Dreaming

Astral Travel:  Once you lucid dream and realize this without waking, you can essentially do anything or go anywhere you wish too. Fly over mountains to a beautiful destination, or venture into other dimensions of the dream realm. Search Tags:  2018/04-24  /Coaching  /Lucid Dreaming  /Transparent Awareness

Learn new skills with Lucid Dreaming

Learn New Skills:  In accordance with easing negativity, dreams can also help us improve upon or learn new skills via visualization. When envisioning ourselves overcoming an obstacle or acquiring an achievement, the neuronal activation in the brain is almost identical as if doing the same in waking life. Search Tags:  2018/04-23   /Coaching  /Lucid Dreaming  /Transparent …
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Lucid Dreaming alleviates blockages

Helps Alleviate Blockages: Things such as fear, doubt, anxiety, and others can all be put to rest with dreaming. Dreams give us the opportunity to predict or even practice a current or future scenario, and how to best overcome them, before they happen in waking life. Search Tags:  2018/04-22  /Coaching  /Lucid Dreaming  /Transparent Awareness

Lucid Dreaming inspires creativity

Inspire Stellar Creativity: New ideas and potential opportunities may present themselves to us through our dreams.  Beings as it’s a judgement-free zone where anything can happen, creativity is uninhibited and unshackled, flowing freely. Search Tags:  2018/04-21  /Coaching  /Lucid Dreaming   /Transparent Awareness

Use Lucid Dreaming to better understand yourself

Better Understand Ourselves: Dreams can help us better understand our subconscious mind. Certain people, places, or things we witness in the dream realm may have significance as a symbol for our waking life. Consulting a dream dictionary or dream consultant may help clarify these and/or make connections. Search Tags:  2018/04-20  /Coaching  /Lucid Dreaming   /Transparent Awareness

Freedom to Do and Be Anything

Freedom to Do and Be Anything:  During our dream sessions, we have the ability to live out fantasies, whether naughty or nice. Discover personal meaning to our lives, or fulfill desires we otherwise wouldn’t have in waking life Search Tags:  2018/04-19  /Coaching  /Lucid Dreaming  /Transparent Awareness

Improve your memory

Helps Improve Memory: Regular sleeping, or ‘light’ sleeping, improves upon episodic memory, which is more or less muscle memory of the physical body. Whereas deep sleep, or ‘slow-wave’ REM sleep(2), the type of sleep whence most dreams occur, improves upon the semantic memory(3) – the ability to remember facts. Search Tags:  2018/04-18  /Coaching  /Lucid Dreaming  /Transparent …
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Everyone can be transformed

Christian Toren’s sustained study has now produced a deliverable method of coaching to transform anyone.  Everyone (within reason) can now be the person they always imagined themselves as.  Where others have failed, Christian Toren has succeed at because of his extensive knowledge of how the consciousness of man works, when it works, and why it …
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Christian Toren has redefined the field

Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr has labored as others have in the definition and potential of the field. It was his perception of a similar wisdom-method used by the ancients that showed him this was once a fully explored field. Search Tags:  2018/04-16  /Coaching  /Lucid Dreaming   /Transparent Awareness


Others have explored Lucid Dreaming.  However, they do not achieve the goals of the christian|TOREN method. Modern exploration pursues it as an oddity – a curiosity observed when analyzing the mental foundations of our current expressions in life. Search Tags:  2018/04-15  /Coaching  /Lucid Dreaming   /Transparent Awareness

Re-write your past

Previously, the unworkability with conscious and positive thinking techniques is that the underlying issues usually go on to control us regardless of how much conscious effort we put into overcoming the pattern. The christian|TOREN method literally writes on top of your old programming.  This is quite literally the only way to truly correct counter-productive childhood …
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The concept has been perfected

Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr has perfected Lucid Dreaming to a level where it is possible to overcome any child-hood sourced issue in life.  This is astounding.  It is profound.  It is remarkable at every level of understanding.  There is a real, legitimate and proven working method to change our deficiencies. Search Tags:  2018/04-13  /Coaching …
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Make your choices before you begin

It is known that one never fully controls one’s dreams.  Nonetheless, you can choose before you fall asleep to accomplish certain tasks in your dreams; you can decide to go to certain destinations, meet with certain individuals or spirits and gather information. The christian|TOREN method will take this premise to extreme lengths to accomplish what …
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the Ancients called it the Royal Road

Dreams, and the ancient Art of Dreaming is a “Royal Road,” as it was termed, to self-knowledge. The art and science of lucid dreaming was an important part of the culture of old civilizations and is still practiced in many tribal societies. All the prophets were lucid dreamers, and you too can become lucid in …
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the Breakthrough is your Higher Self

“Lucid dreams” are the dreams in which you are conscious that you are dreaming” – this is the standard definition. Such dreams are usually very clear and give a great sense of freedom. Christian has determined that these dreams are actually a kind of alternative reality, that when properly employed can replace our old reality …
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Your creativity can help

Modern studies have found that focusing on problems within a lucid dream can offer results in the real world. They indicate that creative types may also be more prone to lucid dreams. Christian’s research and practice has determined that “creativity” is the heart and soul of reprogramming the subconscious. Search Tags:  2018/04-08  /Coaching  /Lucid Dreaming   …
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Method to change childhood programming

A study conducted long ago in Germany established a foundation for a method to change our childhood programming.  The study found that those who are naturally prone to lucid dreams have a larger pre-frontal cortex, and may outpace others in certain cognitive abilities, such as self-reflection and meta-cognition or pondering one’s own thinking processes. Search …
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You can be who you dream you want to be

NOW, for the first time, there is a fast, easy, practical way to unleash the real you.  This is not magic, this is not positive thinking, this is a valid, demonstrable and logical way to become the real you – the person you could only, until now, dream about. Search Tags:  2018/04-05  /Coaching  /Lucid Dreaming …
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You had early clues of your bad programming

What you have always considered a dream, is simply a suppressed impression of destined reality. It has been buried by life experienced, locked away from your perception of what is possible.  Your dreams and desires were your first clue that you were being hypnotized by the world around you. Search Tags:  2018/04-04  /Coaching  /Lucid Dreaming   …
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A good training program gives you plenty of opportunities to practice and apply the skills you’ve learned and encourages (or requires) you to work with a coach yourself. Determine the client’s goals Set goals Guide the client in creating a plan Acknowledge the client and holding them accountable Cooperative Communication Identify and remove blocks and …
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College Degree not required

YOU ARE QUALIFIED? The toWIT program DOES NOT require either a college degree, nor any other industry certification.  It requires integrity and a willingness to help by giving the [right] direction. Search Tags:  2018/02-05  /Coaching  /Life Coaching  /Magic /Lucid Dreaming /Transparent Awareness


PROBLEM WITH MOST ACCREDITED PROGRAMS Be aware that many accredited programs teach entirely by distance learning — through tele-classes or online learning. Many coaches only work with clients by phone or Skype. We had the great idea of offering true CERTIFICATION COURSES that do not require any prior degree.  An American High School graduate status …
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The Coaching course introduces a WHOLE NEW WAY to resolve the biggest difficulty with humans.  “How to overcome the subconscious programming.”  For most people, this will be a life-long affliction that can never be overcome, because it is so deep within our core programming. Now, exclusive to the teachings of Dr. Christian Toren, there is a …
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Life Coaching

COACH VENUE Our Transparent Awareness™ Esoteric Guidance Intensiveincludes a Track we call Life Coaching. “toWIT” due to its triage capability. 1 DAY for coaching, 1 DAY for Lucid Dreaming.  All courses taught by Master Mentor Dr. Christian Toren von Lahr, Msc.D. LOCATION Courses are taught in Burbank, CA directly across the street from the local …
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Christian Toren’s “Coaching” series goes far beyond conventional training.  Unique to this course is the incredible ability to do a 15-30 min triage session to quickly deduce the [actual] condition of the client.  This leads to a very fast recommendation of means to resolve any issues or difficulties within the Session. Search Tags:  2018/01-01  /Coaching …
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MIT inherently can determine the age of a condition

Also, a part of the process is taken from the Clairvoyant program as it will be necessary to ascertain the bodies break-down since childhood (the ability to see across time.) To ascertain the pre-disposition to break-down according to a built-in DEFAULT destiny, a determination using clairvoyant Astral abilities is necessary so the practitioner can quickly …
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MIT offers “Instant” perception

The MIT program will develop a unique form of Psychic development, as this will allow for an almost instantaneous indication of the KEY underlying problem the body itself is trying to heal; however, a proprietary technique must be introduced to produce that instantaneous result. Search Tags:  2017/01-13  /MIT  /Level I.  /Level II.  /Level III. /Transparent Awareness

MIT Energy if a field higher than our physical atoms

This energy (or force, or field) may look and even act like the underlying physical atoms, but IT IS NOT PHYSICAL. It is actually [higher], and reflects the condition of the underlying atom. Healing CAN be done directly on this energy, and conversely, the underlying condition CAN be sensed. Most important is to [SEE] a …
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MIT uses an energy that naturally exists

MIT uses an energy that exists in the Physical Plane – however, this is an invisible energy to the untrained eye. As it is above our current level of evolution, it is invisible, yet it has three sub-plains that are just as functional as the four sub-planes we are currently using. Classically speaking, it is …
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MIT – Differs from the SOAR program because of the energy used. SOAR Development was predicated on the view of Astral Energy, and even Mental Plane Energy, as these are conducive to seeing life on the Other- Side (the Astral Plane), and life in Heaven (the Mental Plane). As such, the practitioner uses the 14 …
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X-Ray Vision cont..

The subsequent collective remedy the practitioner provides interferes with the predisposed sequence of tumbling dominoes – deliberately, and can result in decades more healthy life and symptomless ageing. It provides insight and suggested remedies that can be conveyed to one’s conventional doctor to better address all known conditions, newly ascertained conditions, and health predispositions – …
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X-Ray Vision cont..

To ascertain the pre-disposition to break-down according to a built-in DEFAULT destiny, a determination using clairvoyant Astral abilities is necessary so the practitioner can quickly ascertain MANY conditions and symptoms and conditions that have been occurring throughout life. In addition to allowing the practitioner to address EVERY problem condition in the body in addition to …
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X-Ray vision cont..

For example, the MIT program will develop a form of Psychic development, as this will allow for an almost instantaneous indication of the KEY underlying problem the body itself is trying to heal; however, a proprietary technique must be introduced to produce that instantaneous result. Also, a part is taken from the Clairvoyant program as …
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YES! It’s Possible This ability necessitates the use of an [authentic vision] to ascertain the actual past, present and future condition of the human body, one which supports correct insight to diagnosis. Although this program will take advantage of the conventional use of Astral energy – as taught in the clairvoyant series – authentic vision as …
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MEDICAL INTUITION The use of esoterically spiritual gifts to gain insight into one’s health condition.  With the Christian Toren program there is a strong focus on psychic skills and clairvoyant skills which can detect where conditions are abnormal, and provide a meaningful deduction of age.  The clairvoyance can aid in determining precisely how the body …
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MASTER CLAIRVOYANT FOUNDATION TRANSMIGRATION MEDICAL INTUITIVE SEER CLAIRCOGNIZANCE SPIRITUAL HEALER STAR SEED MASTER CLAIRVOYANCE Transcend time and distance. KNOW the truth, know when there is an untruth. Know the Past, the Present and the Future. Answer ANY reasonable question with confidence. Be RIGHT, even when the client thinks you are wrong– the truth will reveal …
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Master Psychic FOUNDATION PSYCHOMETRY – interactive training SENSITIVE – interactive training, Sensing Chart INTUITION – interactive training and testing, Intuition Chart CLAIRSENTIENCE – interactive training, Clairsentience Chart PSYCHIC (via modalities) – intensive interactive training and testing CLAIRAUDIENCE – interactive training and testing TELEPATHY – animal, Nature People, Angel training and testing TRUE VISUAL TRAINING Search …
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Each level is carefully designed to create a foundation for the subsequent levels, three in total, approximately 3-months apart. Each one-day class comprises a fully-functional level of development resulting in a professional standard of operation. There is a month of active homework after each training day. You will be performing REAL work, with REAL results …
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Authentic Psychics Produce Real Results The discriminating Psychic is genuine. Her performance is personal. Her satisfaction is solutions. Every enactment is a Red-Carpet event – she comes with charismatic presence, and leaves you with the best swag: feeling, hearing, seeing and knowing. Knowledge is paramount. She accepts no substitutes to craftsmanship; she has taken the …
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The SOAR Master Clairvoyance Development course is produced at three (3) successive levels; the full gamut of psychic development will be conducted – from intuition, telepathy and basic psychism, all the way up to Master Clairvoyance. Included is the ability to see one’s true destiny, to find one’s actual Soul Mate, and to ascertain anyone’s …
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Angels, Nature Spirits and seeing inside the body is a visual method that replaces “depth” with movement and energy.  It exists, we have it, yet extremely few know if it or how to use it. And different still is the way you currently see reality.  We do not, however stress seeing in the mind’s eye …
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Student Participation

The students will participate in the preparation of potions, concoctions, mixtures and constructions.  Considerable materials, tools and supplies will be provided to you. At the Higher levels of magic, some kits will be pre-made and provided directly. This element is not open to everyone.  Special considerations apply. cont.. Search Tags:  2015/03-05 /Transparent Awareness  /Magic


There is a BONUS feature for those attending the fullTransparent Awareness™ Esoteric Guidance Intensive program –real magic. This is not the stuff of gothic teen-ager grimoires. It is provided solely for the support of our practitioners. This element is not open to everyone.  Special considerations apply. cont.. Search Tags:  2015/03-01 /Transparent Awareness  /Magic

Training Location

LOCATION Courses are taught in Burbank, CA directly across the street from the local Burbank Airport at the Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel and Convention Center.  Connections to major cities in California. Search Tags:  2015/02-18  /Transparent Awareness /SOAR /Master Psychic /Master Medium /Master Clairvoyant /MIT /Level I.  /Level II.  /Level III.  /Coaching /Life Coach /Magic /Lucid …
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The Reader may also consider Sensitives, Empaths, Aura Readers, Automatic Writers, Astral Projectors, Pre-cognitives, Telepaths, Remote Viewers, and the areas of telekinesis, psychometry, divination and dowsing. (We eschew empathy for reasons we will explain in class.) Our classes will make a distinction between conventional Clairvoyance, and Master Clairvoyance.  As with spiritual history, our classes will …
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Beyond Psychology

We feel we accomplish this far beyond the experiments in Psychiatry and Psychology.  In fact, we have run our concept by many of these practitioners and all of them consider it a reasonable theory for accomplishing the results both easier, more effectively and considerably faster than the methods they use. cont.. Search Tags:  2015/02-16 /Transparent Awareness  …
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Taught By Masters

Our training is taught by Masters.  The course specifically includes clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and claircognizance.  Our series also puts valuable attention on the ability to provide counseling, life coaching and wellness coaching, and unique to our program – the ability to provide [TRUE] Lucid Dreaming reprogramming of the sub-conscious mind. cont.. Search Tags:  2015/02-15 /Transparent Awareness  /SOAR …
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The Ancient Wisdom Does Exist

Though this ancient wisdom has been lost to most over the eons, that is for a lack of the search.  It does exist, and it is a basis for insuring success in our courses. cont.. Search Tags:  2015/02-14 /Transparent Awareness  /SOAR /Psychic /Medium  /Clairvoyant    /Coaching  /Lucid Dreaming


In our training we recognize psychism as a comprehensive generalization referring to the skills of the psychic, medium, clairvoyant, channel, intuitive, and medical intuitive. Where SOAR Development classes stand out is their emphasis on the use [actual vision] as a consistent validation method, which is demonstrable consistently amongst the training group; and further, a series …
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Our training is for those who want to work as a professional.  IT IS NOT a venue for fortune telling, gypsy readings, nor tarot and other synchronistic New Age approaches.  Crystal balls and Scrying is supported to the extent that it represents one’s past-life abilities as a “Seer”, and does therefore translate today into panoramic …
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Conclusion of Spirituality vs Psychism discussion

You should be deducing right now that “WOW, this is something I can do if I am taught how to get out of my own way and “SIMPLY ALLOW THE NATURAL PERCEPTIONS.”  You would be quite correct.  More astounding to you might be that in a room full of properly trained Psychics (the gamut of …
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(Psychic ability is not limited to “a person.”) The individual person, animal or whatever DOES NOT have any gift(s).  Rather, they have proficiency in getting out of the way of that which is existing naturally, simply ignored. This, therefore, corrects the reference “unexplainable by natural laws,” – PSYCHISM IS NATURAL LAW, it is the current …
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Psychic is a broad term used to describe a person that possesses gifts unexplainable by natural laws. However, not all psychics are the same; their gifts and skills vary greatly from one individual to the next. cont.. Search Tags:  2015/02-09  /Transparent Awareness /SOAR /Psychic /Medium /Clairvoyant

Spirituality vs. Psychism

Spirituality is the Self-realization of the One; Psychism is the manifestation of the powers of consciousness through organized matter. The One infers the one single source from which everything in the universe manifests. cont.. Search Tags:  2015/02-08 /Transparent Awareness /SOAR /Psychic /Medium /Clairvoyant


Training puts the intended method IN YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS before you can contemplate resisting it.  After a build-up of these startling accomplishments, one’s sub-conscious simply ceases to challenge. The greater field of psychism itself is quite confused by dictionary definition and ludicrous New Age creative license.  There is only one definition – it always was, and …
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Training is developed By Master-Class experts in the psychic arts; they bow to no higher authority in the field. It was their intent by design to cultivate the latent psychic and spiritual potentials in the aspirant so as to exclusively achieve the foremost level of proficiency in the art. One segment of the training actually …
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Three Focused Tracks

TRAINING is comprised of three focused tracks delivered in a SAT, SUN, MON (long-weekend) venue.  The entire program, however, is delivered over three of these long-weekends, though there is a two-month break between each.  Our program takes advantage of Federal Holidays, when possible,  that occur on Mondays,  to minimize interruption of your normal life schedule. …
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About Transparent Awareness

TRANSPARENT AWARENESS Our Transparent Awareness™ Esoteric Guidance Intensiveis an immersive psychic growth training package for the development of subsequent professionals who want a comprehensive esoteric intensive platform. We indicate “professionals” as a desired result – we consider all students to be initiates at the onset. Search Tags:  2015/02-01 /Transparent Awareness


Christian Toren is the creator of the “30-minute Triage” method, a structured and categorical fast-track that helps to define any persons [ACTUAL] problems in life, and offer a method for resolving the issues. Christian’s method works stand-alone by using the training from his LIFE COACHING and LUCID DREAMING courses, …OR, it can be augmented perfectly …
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Called affectionately “the Hardest Working Psychic in America” by New Age industry notables, Christian Toren is particularly noted for his astonishing accurate ability to see and diagnose health conditions in the body. He is an eyes-open (aka 3-D) Clairvoyant Medical Intuitive. His medical scans provide insights on every part of the body, head-to-toe, AND, he …
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