Coaching Magic

Training Schedule – Combined MAR, MAY, JUN Classes 2019

TRACK 1  |  SOAR  |  MAR 09, 2019(SAT)  |  Level I TRACK 1  |  SOAR  |  MAY 25, 2019  (SAT  |  Level II TRACK 1  |  SOAR  |  JUL xx 2019 (SAT)  |  Level III   TRACK 2  |  MIT  |  MAR 10, 2019(SUN)  |  Level I TRACK 2  |  MIT  | MAY 26, 2019  (SUN) |  Level …
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College Degree not required

YOU ARE QUALIFIED? The toWIT program DOES NOT require either a college degree, nor any other industry certification.  It requires integrity and a willingness to help by giving the [right] direction. Search Tags:  2018/02-05  /Coaching  /Life Coaching  /Magic /Lucid Dreaming /Transparent Awareness


Christian Toren’s “Coaching” series goes far beyond conventional training.  Unique to this course is the incredible ability to do a 15-30 min triage session to quickly deduce the [actual] condition of the client.  This leads to a very fast recommendation of means to resolve any issues or difficulties within the Session. Search Tags:  2018/01-01  /Coaching …
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Angels, Nature Spirits and seeing inside the body is a visual method that replaces “depth” with movement and energy.  It exists, we have it, yet extremely few know if it or how to use it. And different still is the way you currently see reality.  We do not, however stress seeing in the mind’s eye …
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Student Participation

The students will participate in the preparation of potions, concoctions, mixtures and constructions.  Considerable materials, tools and supplies will be provided to you. At the Higher levels of magic, some kits will be pre-made and provided directly. This element is not open to everyone.  Special considerations apply. cont.. Search Tags:  2015/03-05 /Transparent Awareness  /Magic


There is a BONUS feature for those attending the fullTransparent Awareness™ Esoteric Guidance Intensive program –real magic. This is not the stuff of gothic teen-ager grimoires. It is provided solely for the support of our practitioners. This element is not open to everyone.  Special considerations apply. cont.. Search Tags:  2015/03-01 /Transparent Awareness  /Magic

Training Location

LOCATION Courses are taught in Burbank, CA directly across the street from the local Burbank Airport at the Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel and Convention Center.  Connections to major cities in California. Search Tags:  2015/02-18  /Transparent Awareness /SOAR /Master Psychic /Master Medium /Master Clairvoyant /MIT /Level I.  /Level II.  /Level III.  /Coaching /Life Coach /Magic /Lucid …
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