SOAR Mediumship

Training Schedule – Combined MAR, MAY, JUN Classes 2019

TRACK 1  |  SOAR  |  MAR 09, 2019(SAT)  |  Level I TRACK 1  |  SOAR  |  MAY 25, 2019  (SAT  |  Level II TRACK 1  |  SOAR  |  JUL xx 2019 (SAT)  |  Level III   TRACK 2  |  MIT  |  MAR 10, 2019(SUN)  |  Level I TRACK 2  |  MIT  | MAY 26, 2019  (SUN) |  Level …
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Training Schedule Concept – 2019 Classes

Training must be delivered in carefully timed and structured development efforts – as the student his/herself would normally resist that which they preconceived is impossible. “Impossibility” is a perspective in your sub-conscious based upon what is typically observed and otherwise experienced in the world around you growing up. Training is comprised of three focused tracks delivered …
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Currently all SOAR, MIT and Coaching classes are being held in Burbank, CA. Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Located in: Bob Hope Airport Address: 2500 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505 Hotel Phone:  (818) 843-6000 /Location

SOAR Track Early Bird Discount

SOAR Track Early Bird Discount You save $100. for early bird purchasing.  Consider paying in full 60 days before your first class, in total.  There are terms and conditions for this Early Bird discount, so call now. Search Tags:  2018/10-02 /SOAR  /Psychic  /Medium  /Clairvoyant  /Price  /Schedule  /Transparent Awareness

SOAR Track 2018 Holiday Special Offer

CURRENT 2018 HOLIDAY SPECIAL through 2018, 20% discount off regular price.  VERY LIMITED TIME – by 12/31/2018 $2,700. less $540. is a final Advanced/Early Bird/Special price of $2160.00  YOU MUST CALL NOW No other discounts will apply. Search Tags:  2018/10-02 /SOAR  /Psychic  /Medium  /Clairvoyant  /Price  /Schedule

SOAR Track Pricing Inclusions

SOAR Track pricing includes… SOAR Track includes the full-day comprehensive SAT training classes of Psychism, Mediumship and Master Clairvoyance.  You become a Certified Master Clairvoyant at the conclusion of that third class. Search Tags:  2018/10-02 /SOAR  /Psychic  /Medium  /Clairvoyant  /Price  /Schedule


Each level is carefully designed to create a foundation for the subsequent levels, three in total, approximately 3-months apart. Each one-day class comprises a fully-functional level of development resulting in a professional standard of operation. There is a month of active homework after each training day. You will be performing REAL work, with REAL results …
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Authentic Psychics Produce Real Results The discriminating Psychic is genuine. Her performance is personal. Her satisfaction is solutions. Every enactment is a Red-Carpet event – she comes with charismatic presence, and leaves you with the best swag: feeling, hearing, seeing and knowing. Knowledge is paramount. She accepts no substitutes to craftsmanship; she has taken the …
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The SOAR Master Clairvoyance Development course is produced at three (3) successive levels; the full gamut of psychic development will be conducted – from intuition, telepathy and basic psychism, all the way up to Master Clairvoyance. Included is the ability to see one’s true destiny, to find one’s actual Soul Mate, and to ascertain anyone’s …
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Angels, Nature Spirits and seeing inside the body is a visual method that replaces “depth” with movement and energy.  It exists, we have it, yet extremely few know if it or how to use it. And different still is the way you currently see reality.  We do not, however stress seeing in the mind’s eye …
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Training Location

LOCATION Courses are taught in Burbank, CA directly across the street from the local Burbank Airport at the Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel and Convention Center.  Connections to major cities in California. Search Tags:  2015/02-18  /Transparent Awareness /SOAR /Master Psychic /Master Medium /Master Clairvoyant /MIT /Level I.  /Level II.  /Level III.  /Coaching /Life Coach /Magic /Lucid …
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The Reader may also consider Sensitives, Empaths, Aura Readers, Automatic Writers, Astral Projectors, Pre-cognitives, Telepaths, Remote Viewers, and the areas of telekinesis, psychometry, divination and dowsing. (We eschew empathy for reasons we will explain in class.) Our classes will make a distinction between conventional Clairvoyance, and Master Clairvoyance.  As with spiritual history, our classes will …
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Beyond Psychology

We feel we accomplish this far beyond the experiments in Psychiatry and Psychology.  In fact, we have run our concept by many of these practitioners and all of them consider it a reasonable theory for accomplishing the results both easier, more effectively and considerably faster than the methods they use. cont.. Search Tags:  2015/02-16 /Transparent Awareness  …
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Taught By Masters

Our training is taught by Masters.  The course specifically includes clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and claircognizance.  Our series also puts valuable attention on the ability to provide counseling, life coaching and wellness coaching, and unique to our program – the ability to provide [TRUE] Lucid Dreaming reprogramming of the sub-conscious mind. cont.. Search Tags:  2015/02-15 /Transparent Awareness  /SOAR …
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The Ancient Wisdom Does Exist

Though this ancient wisdom has been lost to most over the eons, that is for a lack of the search.  It does exist, and it is a basis for insuring success in our courses. cont.. Search Tags:  2015/02-14 /Transparent Awareness  /SOAR /Psychic /Medium  /Clairvoyant    /Coaching  /Lucid Dreaming


In our training we recognize psychism as a comprehensive generalization referring to the skills of the psychic, medium, clairvoyant, channel, intuitive, and medical intuitive. Where SOAR Development classes stand out is their emphasis on the use [actual vision] as a consistent validation method, which is demonstrable consistently amongst the training group; and further, a series …
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Our training is for those who want to work as a professional.  IT IS NOT a venue for fortune telling, gypsy readings, nor tarot and other synchronistic New Age approaches.  Crystal balls and Scrying is supported to the extent that it represents one’s past-life abilities as a “Seer”, and does therefore translate today into panoramic …
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Conclusion of Spirituality vs Psychism discussion

You should be deducing right now that “WOW, this is something I can do if I am taught how to get out of my own way and “SIMPLY ALLOW THE NATURAL PERCEPTIONS.”  You would be quite correct.  More astounding to you might be that in a room full of properly trained Psychics (the gamut of …
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(Psychic ability is not limited to “a person.”) The individual person, animal or whatever DOES NOT have any gift(s).  Rather, they have proficiency in getting out of the way of that which is existing naturally, simply ignored. This, therefore, corrects the reference “unexplainable by natural laws,” – PSYCHISM IS NATURAL LAW, it is the current …
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Psychic is a broad term used to describe a person that possesses gifts unexplainable by natural laws. However, not all psychics are the same; their gifts and skills vary greatly from one individual to the next. cont.. Search Tags:  2015/02-09  /Transparent Awareness /SOAR /Psychic /Medium /Clairvoyant

Spirituality vs. Psychism

Spirituality is the Self-realization of the One; Psychism is the manifestation of the powers of consciousness through organized matter. The One infers the one single source from which everything in the universe manifests. cont.. Search Tags:  2015/02-08 /Transparent Awareness /SOAR /Psychic /Medium /Clairvoyant


Training puts the intended method IN YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS before you can contemplate resisting it.  After a build-up of these startling accomplishments, one’s sub-conscious simply ceases to challenge. The greater field of psychism itself is quite confused by dictionary definition and ludicrous New Age creative license.  There is only one definition – it always was, and …
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Training is developed By Master-Class experts in the psychic arts; they bow to no higher authority in the field. It was their intent by design to cultivate the latent psychic and spiritual potentials in the aspirant so as to exclusively achieve the foremost level of proficiency in the art. One segment of the training actually …
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Three Focused Tracks

TRAINING is comprised of three focused tracks delivered in a SAT, SUN, MON (long-weekend) venue.  The entire program, however, is delivered over three of these long-weekends, though there is a two-month break between each.  Our program takes advantage of Federal Holidays, when possible,  that occur on Mondays,  to minimize interruption of your normal life schedule. …
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Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D. is a Master Clairvoyant, with 5 decades of professional expertise in the esoteric arts and wisdom.  The psychic arts field works at a much higher level for the Master Clairvoyant. The Master Clairvoyant takes an otherwise “entertainment” field, and turns it into a problem-solving one.  This requires working in …
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Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D. is is distinguished as a Clairvoyant, and is in particular an expert on both the Nature Kingdoms, and the various spiritual Realms of Existence.  He is noted for his unique ability to demonstrate and prove the existence of life in these other Planes. Situated in the Hollywood area of …
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Example 6

EXAMPLE-6: We will show you how to INSTANTLY KNOW how to start a reading.  You will determine right at the beginning of your practice exercises if the issues of a person are in the areas of work, vocation or Path; are about the future; are in housing or moving; is a money or security focus; …
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