The Christian Toren Technique

If your mind is able to imagine the difference between your Reality, and what you think your reality should have been, then the key exists to unlock a fantastic world of transformation.

The Christian Toren Method is new.  It is unique.  But, of importance is that it works.  And, we know just why it works.

A lot of the rules and approaches we as humans have taken to therapies must be thrown out the window, they are all based on an untrue fact – that we are in total a physical human being. The truth would show that that is simply one aspect or component of who and what we are.  Understanding the others provides significant avenues to transform ourselves.

The Christian Toren Method uses what we have learned over the recent years, one that there is a sub-conscious mind, and also includes a quintessential component that draws many key elements of fact from the ancient esoteric wisdom.  It is this combination that makes Lucid Dreaming a true healing modality.

This combination, and thusly, this method, is a proprietary process brought forward by Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr.  It presumes as a fact that the existence of man and his consciousness occurs over many [Planes] of Consciousness, and that our reality is a perception only, and that it exists in a realm we consider “the Physical.”  The magic behind how we can reprogram the subconscious mind can’t be explained by modern medical and psychological theories, but it is straightforwardly considered in esoteric wisdom.

This mystery, which heretofore is simply an “unknown” takes advantage of curious elements, such as timing – the timing of when we reprogram our subconscious is paramount.

The existence of ourselves, and all those who have affected us in this physical life needs to be handled as a perception, not a reality – this provides the literal means to reprogram the subconscious – since it does NOT KNOW the difference.

Our method differs from almost every self-help process and psychosocial therapy in that it acknowledges that the Conscious mind DOES AND WILL GET IN THE WAY.  And so, the method must get around this deterrent.

The Method presumes we are inescapably attached to the people and process that made up our thinking all of our lives.  This is a new thought in the process of mind therapy.  We are, nonetheless, committed to this fundamental.  The PLAY of our existence has been written.  We can [recast] the players, and repaint the sets, and we can even rewrite the lines, but the play itself must remain.

Lastly, we add a new component as to how the sub-conscious works.  You cannot just discard a bad piece of programming, BECAUSE this programming takes up valuable real estate in the brain.  Brain cells cannot be wasted.  If we do not want to use an area that we consider unwanted, then we must repurpose that physical area FIRST!

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